Vertical Ladder Toss Game

$65.00/Day + HST


  1. Players or teams take turns tossing their bolas at the ladder, aiming to wrap them around the rungs to score points.
  2. Each player or team gets three bolas per turn.
  3. After all players have thrown their bolas, the points are tallied based on where the bolas landed on the ladder.
  4. Only bolas that remain wrapped around the rungs at the end of a player’s turn count for points. Bolas that fall off the ladder or become tangled with other bolas do not score.
  5. The game typically continues until one player or team reaches a predetermined point total (e.g., 21 points) to win. Players must reach the exact point total; if they exceed it, their score resets to the previous total.


  • The points are typically awarded as follows:
    • Top rung: 3 points
    • Middle rung: 2 points
    • Bottom rung: 1 point
  • Some variations of the game may assign different point values to each rung or add bonus points for certain achievements.


  • Players must throw their bolas from behind a designated throwing line.
  • Players must take turns throwing, and only one player or team may score points in each round.
  • If a player’s bola knocks an opponent’s bola off the ladder, the opponent loses any points that bola would have scored.


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