The Foam Machine Rental comes with 90 minutes of foam making and it is an excellent addition to any party.  Additional foam packets are available for purchase on our website  if needed.     You will enjoy hours of fun for kids of all ages.  It creates a mountain of safe foam and lets your guests enjoy a unique experience with or without party music.   Safe to run trough and play with.

The foam is non-toxic and safe for kids to walk through and play.  It is 100% organic, hypoallergenic, odorless and stays around for a while and it doesn’t do any damage to the grass.

Foam machines are great for backyard part and birthday events.  It produces lots of foam and is easier to operate.   It uses 5 gallon bucket to hold concentrated solution and required good functioning garden hose to supply needed water to produce the foam.

Foam machine should be used in outdoor setting or on the concrete floor.  as a result, this helps with access water that has been created.


Since water is used to create the foam, it is important to consider type of flooring used in event.  Moreover, prolonged use of foam on wooden floors should be avoided.

Try it today and experience something different.

Foam Pool

 $130.00 / Per Day

Foam Cannon

 $499.00 / Per Day

Foam Machine Rental

 $195.00 / Per Day
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