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Popcorn machine is high quality unit designed for commercial rental. Simple to operate and with volume output.

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Rent Popcorn Machine

To rent popcorn machine is great way to entertain kids and to add extra fun to your party.   Kids would flock around it waiting to get their great taste of popcorn.   Great for larger parties, school or street party events where you will have many kids.

This is high quality unit designed for commercial rental.  Simple to operate and with volume output.  Instructions are clearly visible on the one of the machine doors and easy to understand.   Basically there are 3 buttons that you need to turn on, empty the content of the supplied popcorn bags into it and wait for them to start popping.   Popcorn bags that we supply come  with popcorn, oil and flavoring.  Simply add all in heating element and start to pop corn.

Check out how to operate Popcorn Machine:  Hoiw to operate Popcorn Machine